Textile Design “China Blue”

March 30, 2011

Contemporary trends and creative, artistic, techniques are important elements in all of my textile designs. A designer from the past whose design style and technical applications still look fresh and contemporary today is British textile designer William Morris. He truly inspire me, Morris is a textile master with a comprehensive understanding of style and technique. William Morris was one of the first textile designers to combine fine art with the production values of commercial design. I admire his broad technical knowledge in a variety of arts and crafts skills. His technical range still applies today in blending hand made art with digital art.

For the China Blue design, I selected several photos of roses and wild flowers as the primary design elements to feature in this design motif. Bringing each photo into Photoshop, I first created the design pattern in full color. I converted the color pattern with Photoshop’s Index Color Mode to transform it to a monochromatic pattern. Then I applied graduations of blue using the China Blue color scheme. China Blue is a universal color that brings purity to the design.