Contemporary trends and creative, artistic, techniques are important elements in all of my textile designs. A designer from the past whose design style and technical applications still look fresh and contemporary today is British textile designer William Morris. He truly inspire me, Morris is a textile master with a comprehensive understanding of style and technique. William Morris was one of the first textile designers to combine fine art with the production values of commercial design. I admire his broad technical knowledge in a variety of arts and crafts skills. His technical range still applies today in blending hand made art with digital art.

For the China Blue design, I selected several photos of roses and wild flowers as the primary design elements to feature in this design motif. Bringing each photo into Photoshop, I first created the design pattern in full color. I converted the color pattern with Photoshop’s Index Color Mode to transform it to a monochromatic pattern. Then I applied graduations of blue using the China Blue color scheme. China Blue is a universal color that brings purity to the design.

Ocean wave energy and the graceful wave petals of the hibiscus flower were my inspiration for the “Hawaii Surfing” design. I combined watercolors and gouache in a wax resist painting technique. Studying current retail trends in surf fabric designs, I visited Roxy, Nordstrom, Beachwear and other retailers.

Surfer’s courage, strong waves, sunset orange and the beautiful hibiscus flower are the elements that come together in this textile design painting.

When I am developing textile designs for my fabric creations, my creative process is to blend various graphic, illustration and painterly techniques which I then transform through digital applications. My goal is to develop exciting, contemporary styles that are compatible with current fashion trends.

One example from my Fabrics Portfolio is, “Bacara Butterfly.” This design is inspired by my appreciation of fashion designer, Anna Sui. I’ve always found her designs to be very energizing. She infuses her work with exciting color choices and unique pattern combinations.

The design elements that I selected, wildflowers and monarch butterflies, were the result of time spent at the Bacara Resort, north of Santa Barbara. The hotel is situated just south of the Gavotte coastline, one of the last undeveloped, rural coastlines in California. Soaking up all of the colorful wild flowers at the resort and watching the butterflies flutter around from the nearby Monarch Butterfly Preserve resulted in the design “Barcara Butterfly.” Wherever I travel, I am always thinking about creating unique, dramatic, marketable textile designs.